Have you ever been scammed, cheated, ripped-off? It isn't fun is it. Well while we were reviewing our websites we came across some shady ones that we wanted to expose.

The #1 Top scam website for magic mushroom kits on the internet is a website called www.magicmushroomgrow.com

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Ok, first of all we will show how they steal other peoples websites as well as their money.

Take a look at www.smokeface.com. This is the website they stole. now in a new window open up www.magicmushroomgrow.com

You can clearly see how they tried to smudge out the logo and put up there own with out any skill. They basicall just changed all the content on the website with there names.

Also the mail order form is a terrible botched repair job. You can see how they tried to change the address information to remove the original. We tried to place an order with magicmushroomgrow.com to see what would happen. We waited 3 weeks with no response after sending in 140$ for a kit + shipping.

We tried phoning the number on the website but it was a "wrong number". We tried emailing the company and we got no response.

The sad part of this is that its becuase its a Magic Mushroom Kit, NO ONE is goin to call the cops and report this criminal activity because then they will become a suspect for growing magic mushrooms. So when you are looking to purchase a magic mushroom kit use this information to make sure you get the real deal.

First of all email the website and ask some questions about shipping or something to make sure you even get an email back. If its a scam then they wont even answer your email. Next if they have a phone number listed. Go to a pay phone and TRY IT. make sure its some kind of company and not a wrong number.

Also if they DONT accept credit cards, its almost defintely a scam! ANY real website that sells products online will be able to take credit cards. If they dont take credit cards its most likely a scam. Mail order is a secondary option for those that done have credit card.

Also if you find 2 websites that look similar with 2 different mailing address's.. make sure you email them both and ask what one is the "real deal"


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