Welcome to the Mushroom Directory! Here we list all the top magic mushroom growing kit sites, AND our reviews on their products/company. We have found that there is ALOT of scamming websites out there that will just keep your money and never send the product.

The internet is still an unprotected market, especially when dealing with products of this nature. We were SICK and TIRED of being scammed so we made this website to provide surfers a place were they can find RELIABLE products and companies. So read below... Before you grow!


#1 By Far Best Kit For Growing Magic Mushrooms
The Mega-You-Grow Mushroom Kit from Mushbox.com
Out of all the kits we tried we had the largest yeild and overall success with this kit. It had fast and easy instructions & it came with EVERYTHING u need to grow the shrooms. All we needed was clean working environment, a large pot to cook some stuff in, and a stove.

This kit provides you with 3 good yeilds before it starts to stop producing. Off our first yield we got about 2 ounces of dried mush. The 2nd yield was crazy producing HUGE mushrooms, weight of about 3 ounces. The 3rd flush was smaller mushrooms but we got another 3 ounces of crazy potent, dried magic mushrooms.

I ordered my kit and it arrived a few days later than they said it would but thats ok I still got in within 12 days. And comes in a plain white box with only the shipping info on it.

The ONLY bad thing I can say about this website is that they DONT ship to the USA. They are based in canada and are weary of the USA laws regarding this product so I guess they just dont mess around.



#3 Another Informative Mushroom Kit Website
MYG Kit, USA Kits, Canadian Kits, Spore and much more
This website seems to be an affiliate of some other mushroom websites. They carry a variety of kits and products that can help you grow lots of magic mushrooms.

They have ALOT of useful information on this website and it goes into lots of detail. They have excellent customer support and were fast to answer my questions. Most of there products were similar to ones I found on other websites, I dont think they have an "orignal" system for growing.



Those are the Top 3 magic mushroom kit websites that have the best kits and information. If you have a website that you would like to submit for review please click here

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